02. Jinzou Enemy II
Kanji 人造エネミー
Rōmaji Jinzō Enemī
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 02
Release date August 28, 2012 (Fan Translation)
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01. Jinzou Enemy I 03. Kisaragi Attention

Kagerou Daze 02. Jinzou Enemy II (カゲロウデイズ02.人造エネミー) is the second chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


An explosion is heard and the door closes.
Still confused, Shintaro hears Ene asking what's happening. As he tries to explain it to her, he is grabbed by one of the men in gears, then gets tied up. The head of the terrorists connects a cell phone to a broadcasting system and demands a billion yen from the police. Shintaro is now one of the hostages and he learns that the terrorists will kill every person in the mall if they don't get the money. Ene comforts Shintaro, telling him that it'll be alright and that help will arrive. As for Ene, she still doesn't know what's happening.
Shintaro analyzes what's happening around him. Suddenly, the head of the terrorists is claiming that one of his minions punched him, but that's not possible, because it is obvious that no one punched him. At this moment, someone next to Shintaro laughs, then revealed that it was Kano. He explains that he couldn't help laughing. Shintaro asked him what's funny but he changes the subject. Kano tells Shintaro that he looks like he was thinking something, but can't get a chance. In a firm voice, Shintaro tells him that he would only need 30 seconds of freedom to render the terrorists. Grinning, Kano asks him what's the probability to success and Shintaro responses with the answer "100%". Kano chuckles again, but tells him that he believes in him and adds that the terrorists will have an announcement soon. But as Kano spoke, the terrorists announce that the police only got 10 more minutes or they'll kill half of the hostages. Additionally, they warn the police that they shouldn't follow them after getting the payment or else they would release the bombs that'll eradicate the streets. Shintaro then fears that his family might get killed through an explosion at his house, too. This causes him to get in rage as Kano reassures him that there is still time left, but Shintaro shouts too loud at him, saying that his family may die when the bombs go off. He gathers enough attention to the terrorist by accident.
As he trembles, he is grabbed by his hair. He gets even more mad when the terrorist taunts him. He then mutters something, but when the terrorist taunt him again, he shouts right in front of the terrorist's face. Suddenly, there's a rumble sound, as the terrorist lets go of Shintaro, objects inside the mall are falling in they're own. Behind the head of the terrorist, there's a clattering noise as the speakers tumbles down at him. Shintaro then spots the computers, and wishes that his hands were free... Luckily, Kano helps him to get free. As his hands are now free, he hurries over the computers while stepping the shelf that have fallen over the terrorists. He hears shots, but ignores them. He quickly connects his phone to the computers, as Ene tells him that he would definitely take her in the amusement park after that. In this moment, a gun is aimed at Shintaro and a shot sounds.


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