03. Kisaragi Attention
Chapter 3
Kanji 如月アテンション
Rōmaji Kisaragi Atenshon
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 03
Release date September 09, 2012 (Fan Translation)
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02. Jinzou Enemy II 04. Mekakushi Chord I

Kagerou Daze 03. Kisaragi Attention (カゲロウデイズ03.如月アテンション) is the third chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


The shutters open and Shintaro is glad that Ene successfully invaded the control room and stopped the terrorists. He then notices Kido, Kano, Momo and Marry in front of him before losing consciousness.
The scene changes to Seto, who is talking to a bird before he gets ordered by Kido to help with breakfast. Kido then asks Momo on how Shintaro's condition is. She replies that even though Marry was looking after him, he hasn't woken up yet. The scene shifts to Shintaro, who, in his sleep, smells the delicious breakfast and keeps wondering about why he felt no pain at all though he was shot by the terrorist's bullet. He wakes up and spots a washbowl and towel, thanking the person, who looks after him in his mind. However, Shintaro realizes that he doesn't recognize the place he is in at all and abruptly wakes up, shouting "WHERE IS THIS?!". His reaction scares Marry who was sitting next to him at this minute. Just then, Ene's voice is heard, questioning him whether he is awake yet, making Shintaro look up to see Kido, who is revealed to be a girl, Momo and Kano at the door, with Ene shouting to go to the theme park. Momo angrily scolds Shintaro about doing "stupid things", explaining that she was worried about him, while the others chat about the idea of the theme park. Kido introduces Shintaro to the Mekukashi Dan, after Momo pronounced the name incorrectly. Momo happily states that she is a member of it too, which leads to her past being revealed.
The following scene shows Momo being late for school. She is later shown being scolded by Kenjirou for failing the biology test. Knowing now that she would have to take another try on the test she leaves the school. On the way she comments on how she "attracts attention", even though she isn't trying. She plans on going to meet her manager, when she sees a poster on the table some students are sitting at. Since she wants to buy something from the store in front of the station, she pulls her hood over her head to disguise herself and make her way there. However, suddenly a strong wind blows her hood off, what causes her to get seen and gets immediately chased by a big group of people. On half of the way of running, she thinks about how she wants to disappear from this world, when her manager calls her. In frustration Momo shouts into the phone that she is not going back anymore. Bursting into tears she starts doubting herself, as suddenly someone steps in front of her, the person being Kido. Kido asks her if she is alright leaving Momo in shock due to the surprise. The chapter ends with Momo screaming.


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