15. Yuukei Yesterday V
Kanji 夕景イエスタデイ V
Rōmaji Yuukei Yesterday V
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 04
Chapter Chapter 15
Release date August 15, 2013
Chapter Guide
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14. Headphone Actor II 16. Headphone Actor III

Kagerou Daze 15. Yuukei Yesterday 5 (カゲロウデイズ15. 夕景イエスタデイ V) is the fifteenth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Haruka is now interested in shooter games, after Takane's performance, and aspires to be in the tournaments. However, he suffers multiple attacks and so cannot enter. At one point, Haruka and Takane are discussing names, he notices that Takane created her username by putting together the first syllables of her first and last names, and similarly names his character Konoha.
Later, during a summer class, Haruka and Takane are working on worksheets together. Haruka states that he gets to play shooter games because he had already finished his work, although Takane hasn't finished yet. Unpleased, Takane puts on her headphones and pretends to ignore him. However, Takane looks over and realizes that he had an attack, blaming herself for it. The chapter ends with her pleading for Haruka's sake.


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