19. Kagerou Daze II
Kanji カゲロウデイズII
Rōmaji Kageroudeizu II
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 04
Chapter Chapter 19
Release date December 14, 2013
Chapter Guide
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18. Kagerou Daze I 20. Kagerou Daze III

Kagerou Daze 19. Kagerou Daze II (カゲロウデイズ19. カゲロウデイズII) is the 19th chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Momo and Shintaro meet Hibiya and Hiyori, who asks Momo for an autograph. She agrees, but while Hiyori searches for an item to be signed, a crowd forms. The latter, who wanted some private time with her idol, shoos the crowd away. To show her gratitude, Momo invites her and Hibiya to go shopping with her and Shintaro.
After a whole day of shopping and fun, they depart, and Momo exchanges her phone number with Hiyori. When Momo realizes she switched her keychain with the one Hibiya bought for Hiyori that day, she hastily calls her new friend. However, at that moment, a truck comes towards Hiyori.



  • Although they didn't meet in the common route and Hiyori and Hibiya are originally caught in a time loop, Momo and Shintaro are able to witness Hiyori's death in this route.

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