21. Kagerou Daze IV
Kanji カゲロウデイズIV
Rōmaji Kageroudeizu IV
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 05
Chapter Chapter 21
Release date February 15,2014
Chapter Guide
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20. Kagerou Daze III 22. Kagerou Daze V

Kagerou Daze 21. Kagerou Daze IV (カゲロウデイズ21. カゲロウデイズIV) is the 21st chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.  


Ene uses Shintaro's voice files to deceive his mom to think that he is inside his room. She is bored, so she searches the internet, and discovers a news article about a youth defeating a group of terrorists all by himself in a nearby department store.
Momo is surprised to see Kano and Konoha carrying Hibiya with them. Momo activates her eye power unknowingly, which surprises Kano a bit. Around the same time, Hibiya wakes up. Konoha asks him to come along, but Hibiya refuses to go with him. Using the commotion, Momo grabs Hibiya and runs away from the crowd.
Shintaro is still talking with Kido for some time, until Ene appears on his phone. She insists on going to a police station. Then Kido realizes that Shintaro is searching for someone too. Incidentally, Kido is also searching for people, and those people are Hibiya and Hiyori. After Kido receives a phone call, the two introduce themselves and then part ways.
After that, Shintaro waits for Momo and Ene helps by using the GPS system in Shintaro's phone. Using Ene's capabilities, they are able to locate Momo and Hibiya, but they are strangely running towards him.
Now that they have found Hibiya, Ene again helps by searching for Hiyori. However, the system just encounters errors instead, confirming that Hiyori is nowhere to be found, even with the GPS.


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