23. Kagerou Daze VI
Kanji カゲロウデイズVI
Rōmaji Kageroudeizu VI
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 05
Chapter Chapter 23
Release date April 15, 2014
Chapter Guide
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22. Kagerou Daze V 24. Shounen Brave

Kagerou Daze 23. Kagerou Daze VI (カゲロウデイズ23. カゲロウデイズVI) is the 23rd chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.  


Momo and Shintaro are confused by Kano's invitation. He tries to invite Momo into their organization, but the latter declines. Upon learning Shintaro is Momo's brother, he asks permission to borrow the young idol for a while, but Shintaro rejects Kano's offer since Momo does not seem to like the idea. Kano only grins and decides to give up. When he is about to go back, he tells Momo that Hiyori might not be in this world anymore. Lastly, he gives her his contact information before leaving.
Hibiya decides to find Hiyori by himself, since he does not believe in the police. On the way, he meets Konoha but only shoves him away, because he believes that Konoha sides with Kano. Konoha disagrees, saying that Kano and the gang are also trying to find Hiyori. As he passes Konoha, the latter becomes sad and starts to wonder why Hibiya hates him.
Back in the Mekakushi Dan's headquarters, Kido receives a phone call from Kano about Momo refusing to join. Marry is a little disappointed because she really wanted to meet the "Capturing Girl". Seto comforts her by saying that encounters are produced through coincidences.


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