24. Shounen Brave
Kanji 少年ブレイヴ
Rōmaji Shounen Bureibu
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 05
Chapter Chapter 24
Release date May 15, 2014
Chapter Guide
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23. Kagerou Daze VI 25. Shounen Brave II

Kagerou Daze 24. Shounen Brave (カゲロウデイズ24. 少年ブレイヴ) is the 24th chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.  


Seto finds himself lost in a forest due to his power going out of control, when he is suddenly surrounded by animals, about to be attacked by them. However, before that can happen a hamster which appears to be the leader of the animal pack stops them from doing so. 
Meanwhile, Kido, Kano, and Ayano find out that their brother is not home by dinner, so they go outside to find him. The three of them are extremely worried, since he has not come home yet and is also not picking up his phone.
The hamster tells Seto that he knows something about his eye ability and tells him to follow him. Excited about the hamster's statement, he immediately decides to follow, unaware of where they are heading. Eventually, the hamster looks up at the moon, murmuring something about Azami as he wonders where she could be at this time. 


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