25. Shounen Brave II
Kanji 少年ブレイヴ
Rōmaji Shounen Bureibu II
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Chapter 25
Release date June 15, 2014
Chapter Guide
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24. Shounen Brave 26. Souzou Forest

Kagerou Daze 25. Shounen Brave II (カゲロウデイズ25.少年ブレイブ) is the 25th chapter of Kagerou Daze manga. 


Kano runs around the house, frantically asking when Seto was going to arrive home. Kido, who is with him, shakes her head to show that he is still missing. Ayano adds how she is concerned that he is never home this late. Thereupon, Kido gets angry with Kano, telling him that he may have said or done something wrong today, when he mentioned that Seto is not very good at controlling his ability. Following, the two of them start arguing, causing Ayano to step in and say that arguing would not help find their adoptive brother. She then orders the others to go looking for him anywhere they can think of. 
Seto wakes up from his sleep, surrounded by animals. He yet again starts following the hamster from before and asks where he is leading him to, whereupon the hamster tells him the story of a "snake monster" that used to dwell in this forest, but which was always alone, since everyone was afraid of her. Additionally, he tells him that he is bringing him to the monster's dwelling, which frightens Seto and causes him to panic.


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