26. Kuusou Forest I
Kanji 空想フォレスト I
Rōmaji Kūsō Foresuto I
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Chapter 26
Release date August 28, 2014
Chapter Guide
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25. Shounen Brave II 27. Kuusou Forest II

Kagerou Daze 26. Kuusou Forest I (カゲロウデイズ26.空想フォレスト I) is the 26th chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Marry is seen reading a book when the chapter begins. She finishes her book and starts talking to the bird that flew to her window. She scares off the bird on accident and darkens as admits that she knows she is not a princess. Marry continues to read the book, which has a picture depicting a man with a sword confronting a gorgon/medusa.
Seto runs toward the place where the monster lives. He imagines what the monster looks like and decides to go back home. He figures out, however, that he has absolutely no idea where he is, yet remembers he has a phone, so he desperately searches for a signal. Eventually, he is able to connect and calls Kano. He tells him that he ended up in the forest, after running away to avoid hearing the thoughts of his family. The signal dies and Seto begins to cry. Suddenly, he hears a cry for help in his head, and the thoughts are revealed to be coming from Marry.


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