28. Souzou Forest II
Kanji 想像フォレスト II
Rōmaji Sōzō Foresuto II
Chapter Information
Volume 06
Chapter 28
Release date November 26, 2014
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27. Kuusou Forest II 29. Kuusou Forest III

Souzou Forest II (想像フォレスト II Sōzō Foresuto II) is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


In a flashback, Shion begins telling a story of how a prince found a small cottage in the forest to Marry, who is sitting in her lap. However, the child interrupts, questioning why no one ever visits their house. Shion then explains how her mother, Marry's grandmother, was a magician and used her powers to find a secluded space in the forest, in which Marry's grandfather built a house. The small girl praises her grandmother's magical abilities, but still complains how boring it is if no one comes.

In present time, Marry panics at Seto's approach, due to her previous negative encounters with humans, and tries to turn him away, which in return causes Seto to panic, thinking that he scared her. He then wonders what the girl is doing in such a place and concludes that it had been her voice he had heard calling for help. He comes to the conclusion that she had been attacked by the "monster" the chief had mentioned previously and tries to coax Marry to leave the house. Marry meets him with refusal, believing him to be lying and tearfully states that the outside took everything she loved away.

Seto recalls all of the voices haunting him while wandering the city, and begins to think how similar he and Marry were, wondering if he should join her in isolation. However, as another cry for help rings to his ears, he gathers his courage and declares that he will protect Marry and always be there for her. For a moment, Marry seems to have calmed down, but quickly pushes him away and attempts to cover her eyes, explaining that if their eyes meet, he'll turn to stone. In that moment, Seto's cell phone suddenly starts to vibrate, startling Marry, as she is unaware of technology, though he quickly apologizes. As Seto and Marry decide they need to leave, the chief appears in the doorway, blocking their path.


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