Shinigami Record VI
Kanji シニガミレコードVI
Rōmaji Shinigami Rekōdo VI
Chapter Information
Volume 07
Chapter 36
Release date TBA
Chapter Guide
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35. Shinigami Record V 37.1 Shinigami Record VII

Shinigami Record VI (シニガミレコードVI Shinigami Rekōdo VI) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Azami sits on a bench in front of a shed, occupying herself with a finger string game Tsukihiko has taught her previously. Upon wanting to refresh her memory of the instructions, Tsukihiko informs her that the house he had been building is finally finished and shows it off to her. Though pleased with the similarity to her original design, Azami notices a difference in the intended size and accuses her newfound partner of planning to live with her from the start, to which he tries to respond with the defense that their relationship status allows them to live together.

Upon entering the building, Azami catches a glimpse of a single thistle growing in front of the house and examines it, not able to help herself in comparing the lonely state of the plant to her own. As she talks to the flower, Tsukihiko realizes that she is able to hear its thoughts. Fascinated, he leaves the care of the thistle to his fiancée and names her "Azami", which translates to "thistle".

Years pass in which Azami questions the circumstances the world was made in and what purpose she serves in her life, eventually awaiting a child from her lover. Months later, she gives birth to their daughter Shion. Through the birth of her child, the mother gains the ability of "Favoring Eyes", which allows her to convey thoughts. As time flies by, the gorgon begins to realize that both Tsukihiko and Shion age faster than herself, questioning the concept of "time" and how quickly it seems to pass, resulting in inevitable death.

Azami begins to research for a solution, mentioning the aging progress to her partner, who laughs the comment off, as aging is a natural process for him. As soon as he leaves the room, Azami breaks out in tears, desperately searching for a solution on how to preserve her happiness and keep her family alive. Her troubled pleas for help are answered, as a snake welcomes its new master.


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