40. Children Record III
Kanji チルドレンレコードIII
Rōmaji Chirudoren Rekōdo III
Chapter Information
Volume 08
Chapter 40
Release date TBA
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39. Children Record II 41. Yobanashi Deceive I

Children Record III (チルドレンレコードIII Chirudoren Rekōdo III) is the fortieth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Momo, Kano and Konoha find the blood stained Hiyori in an alley, facing Kido's lifeless body. Upon wanting to confront her, a truck rushes by, the girl vanishing with it. Examining the body, Konoha refuses to believe that his dear friend has committed the crime, however the scene leaves no other conclusion. Unable to handle the thought of her friend turning to murder, Momo breaks down crying, followed by losing her consciousness. Kano requests from Konoha to return Kido's corpse to their hideout, as he fears to spark attention if carrying her through the streets, suggesting a route over the roof tops as alternative. After apologizing to Kido for being unable to save her, Kano begins to carry both Momo and Ene, who resides inside her phone, asking her to show him the way to their other friends.

On their way to find Shintaro, Kano reveals his relationship as a sibling to the deceased Kido, causing Ene to wonder how he could possibly not be upset. The boy states that there is no use in tears as long as he can prevent another death. Ene is then confronted with the fact of obtaining her new body and eye ability through a previous death, Kano explaining that they share the same fate as holders. Unfortunate for them, he feels all ability holders as potential victims to the murdering rogue snake. Since the cyber girl is curios as to why the boy knows so much about the topic, Kano decides to enlighten her about fate of being a "monster".

His mind flashes back to the moment he was transported to the orphanage, after losing his mother. He promises his aunt to behave in his new temporary home, as she asks him to, trying to face the situation with a positive mindset. The child is put to wait for the staff in front of the building, shivering in the cold, as suddenly a strange girl extends a scarf to him.


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