41. Yobanashi Deceive I
Kanji 夜咄ディセイブI
Rōmaji Yobanashi Diseibu I
Chapter Information
Volume 08
Chapter 41
Release date TBA
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40. Children Record III 42. Yobanashi Deceive II

Yobanashi Deceive I (夜咄ディセイブI Yobanashi Diseibu I) is the forty-first chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Noticing Kano shivering in the cold, Kido offers him her scarf to warm him. The boy kindly refuses the offer, which the girl doesn't appreciate, leaving a bad first impression with the new friend. Regardless of her reaction, Kano grows curious whether the new child lives in the orphanage as well and she confirms the thought, sharing her sad fate of her house burning down and killing her family in the progress. To lighten up the mood, Kano then introduces himself and asks for Kido's name, however only receives her last name as she deems her given name "personal information". The two grow sick of the cold and head inside.

Inside, the children meet their new roommate, who introduces himself as Seto. The two begin to wonder why he has been living alone until now while the remaining rooms were filled, and as the nervousness grows, Seto accidentally repeats a thought of Kido out loud, making her question how he could have known. Seto reveals his capability to read minds and the three conclude that they have been put in the same room due to their strange abilities occurring after their near death experiences. Just as they talk about this topic, Kido's body begins to dissolve and she explains this happening every time she thinks of something sad. Due to their common conclusion, they begin wondering what ability Kano might have.

The three kids move into the cafeteria to eat, where they express their fascination with Kano's ability to shape-shift. Seto begs to see the skill in use, but when Kano asks to smell him, a fork is thrown into his face by Kido, who sees his approach as a perverted gesture, finding it gross despite the explanation that it helps the transformation to know a person's scent. Again the three wonder how they received those abilities, discovering that the one thing they have in common is their death. The sad thought again causes Kido's body to disappear and in panic, Kano tries to conceal her vanishing head with a jacket. Unfortunately, the ruckus caused alerts a caretaker, who faints at the sight of the half dissolved body.

Making their way to the orphanage in their car, Kenjirou and Ayaka discuss the eye abilities of the children and wonder if what they heard is really true. The family mother expects a lot of fun and asks her daughter Ayano, who is sitting in the back, if she is excited, which she is.


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