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Azami Booklet
Rōmaji Azami
Hair color Black
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Species Medusa
Height 140 cm (4'7")
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)
Birthday August 15
Ability Eye Contact / Paralysis
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Anime 01 Jinzou Enemy
Novel カゲロウデイズ IV -the missing children-
If you want to get out, then open your eyes, little girl.

Azami (薊 Azami) is a full Medusa, the mother of Shion and grandmother of Marry. She created the never ending world, which was originally only created for her and her family to live in.


Azami has long and curly black hair that reaches down past her hips and grows as snakes. A red hair-band holds it together. Her eyes as that are colored in a crimson red. As for her clothing she wears a white dress with a black and pink coat over it combined with white stockings and black shoes. There are snake scales on her cheeks.


She is a full Medusa. Her hair grows as snakes and each snake possesses an unique ability. Because she has an immortal body, she thinks of humans as "dull creatures, that die easily". However, at one time, she fell in love with a young soldier, who was the first human to not fear her, and started a family. Human lifespans are short, and fearing that she might end up alone again, Azami used the powers of the snakes to create a never ending world.

Eye Ability

  • Paralysis - Azami has a power known as "Eye Contact" ability, it allows her to temporarily stop the movement of whoever meets her gaze. Shion inherited this power from her. She is also able to turn people into stone, yet she didn't use this power in the plot yet, so it's unknown if she could use it more than once.
  • Snakes - Each one of her snakes has a special ability that gave each member of the Mekakushi Dan their abilities. 





  • Her favorite word is "xxx". In Kagerou Day IV -the missing children-, she used this word in her diary entry, hinting as her ideal initial.
  • It is said in the Children Record booklet that she is seen in Kagerou Days. Fans assume that she is the cat that Hiyori is holding at the end of the PV, others that she is the laughing heat.
  • Her birthday is the same day as the 'Kagerou Days' occured, that is on 15 August.
  • In Children Record PV, some people think that she's Ene in black appearance, because of the snake scales grown on her cheeks.
  • Jin calls her a very irregular character or "The presence of the fantasy world".
  • Jin mentioned Azami's meaning in the language of flowers is "Independence", "Revenge" and "Do not touch". However, there also is the meaning "relief"
  • Jin also mentioned the birthday flower for August 15th seems to be a sunflower, with the meaning, "I only have eyes for you."


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