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Azami was born into the world of humans without knowing the purpose behind it. She used to trust humans to help her to find her true self. However, the humans feared her and thus tried to kill her in many ways. Her heart started to be filled up with emotions, and then decided to take revenge on humans. Not long after she killed many, she decided to be alone. She went to a forest where not even the sound of bugs could be heard.
Azami used to live alone in the forest, looking down on humans as pathetic. One day she met the young soldier Tsukihiko that wanted to spend his life with her due to both of them being seen as "monsters". The two fell in love and had a child together, Shion. Because of the love she learned, she started to fear the day that she would have to part with Tsukihiko, due to his shorter lifespan, and created the Heat Haze, using the powers of all her snakes. By doing so, it created the snake of Compassionate Eyes.
Although she attempted to live forever with her family in the heat haze, their home was attacked immediately after she created it, so she came to believe that unhappiness comes when she is involved with humans. She decides to enter the heat haze alone and live there forever.
However, when her daughter Shion and granddaughter Marry were murdered by humans, she could not bear to let such a terrible thing go ignored, so she pulled Marry into the heat haze. She gave Marry the "Combining Eyes" snake, the one ability that would serve as Marry's life, which was saved, while Shion lost hers.
Azami lost her ability to unite the snakes, so she became unable to undo the order she gave to the Heat Haze: "Bring in the people who died on August 15th (the day of Marry's death)".



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