• Shion Kozakura: Shion is Azami's daughter that she had with a human. She is half human and half Medusa. She left her when she went out to create the never-ending world.

  • Tsukihiko: Azami's Husband. Because of the difference of his appearance, he is called a monster by villagers. When he met Azami, she said that she is a monster and he should stay away from her, but he offer his hand and commented that being alone would be sad and lonely, and since they both are monsters, they could live together. Later, Shion was born. The three of them lived quietly, but because of a misunderstanding, he was imprisoned, their house destroyed. That is also the reason for Azami to take part in the never ending world.

  • Marry Kozakura: Marry is Azami's granddaughter. She is 1/4 Medusa and 3/4 Human. Azami asked the snake who created the never-ending world to spare her, and she was sent back home.

  • Takane: Azami once appeared before Takane, when she was turned into Ene, and called her a "little girl". She said that there is no place for her anymore, but Takane strongly wanted to make a place for her current self to live on. Azami said that she must open her "eyes" to achieve that.

  • Snake of Clearing Eyes: The Snake of Clearing Eyes was the one that suggested the creation of the Heat Haze to Azami and encouraged her to make it. After she loses the power to combine the snakes, the Snake of Clearing Eyes overpowers her and imprisons her in the world that she created.

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