• IRosefeather

    General Updates

    August 24, 2017 by IRosefeather
    This blog post will be used for any general updates made to the wiki

    • [ August 24, 2017 ] All users are now required to log into a wikia account to edit. There has been continued vandalism and disrespectful behavior towards our cherished editor community by anonymous users and we hope this alteration will make these things stop.
    • After discussion of the admin team, we have also decided to remove the comment sections from all articles. Rules regarding commenting are too often disregarded (No spoiler warnings, replies to severely outdated content, birthday wishes, theories, etc) which has given us more work than necessary. We would like to make use of Talk Pages for articles improvement and the Forums and/or Blog Posts for fan discussions. We as…

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  • In a Daze

    Nirvana Wikia

    February 7, 2017 by In a Daze

    I am the creator of the Nirvana Wiki, a Wikia for Jin's newest series. Please contribute as I'm about the only one who is right now.

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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Man, it feels like FOREVER since I've been on this Wiki. I've been quite busy with other stuff (working and all) and I've been attached to Neptunia and Yandere Sim. Sorry.

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  • Lilyhana

    I don't own this game idea, I only wanted to put it on the wiki since I thought it would be fun. The rules are, you have to give a character a vote of +1 and another of -1. If you only give a +1 and no -1, your vote won't count.

    When a character reaches +5 votes, they will move onto the next round and you can't vote for them anymore until round 2 starts. However, if a character reaches -5 votes, they will be eliminated from the game and you can't vote for them anymore.

    The game will move onto the next round when all characters have votes of +5 and -5.

    Also, you can only vote once a day.

    You are allowed to vote for the same character as many times as you want unless they reach +5 votes or -5 votes.

    Everyone is welcome to vote.

    Here is an example …

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  • Lilyhana

    The last release was last year in March and I'm wondering if they will be making any more? I haven't read over the dimension yet so I don't know if it's the final book or not, but I would like to know if they will be making any more since Kagerou Project, both manga and novels, haven't had an official ending. Does anyone know if this was the last novel?

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  • KalinaVita


    November 1, 2014 by KalinaVita

    Making contributions to the wiki that violate the Wiki Rules only to get badges is forbidden and will result in strikes, and in a ban if repeatedly done. The badges have already been disabled before because of people doing this, so do not make us do it again. Thank you.
    Edit 02.11.14: It appears some of our newer editors have not read the Wiki Rules yet. We strongly advice you to read through them, as violations can result in strikes or bans. This especially goes for the uploading of Fanart or Images that violate our image policies (Improper file names, improper file sizes).
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  • CosplaySan

    The Mekakushi Dan never existed (Aka no Ayano, Takane, Shintaro)

    No nothing.

    Only Haruka lying ill in some hospital.

    He was so lonely that he made imaginary friends, which he imagined every day.

    He dreamt about having adventures with these imaginary friends;

    Until one day

    He chose to dream eternally about those imaginary friends and adventures.

    He died happily.

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  • Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

    Whew! Hey guys! It's been a while since I've made a blog post. I just wanted to say this:

    I want to tell you about the fun facts about the voice actors of Mekakucity Actors! The following facts are true, so please watch out for none KagePro related stuff. And here we go:

    • Mai Nakahara (Ayano) and Soichiro Hoshi (Seto) both voiced the main characters from the series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (also known as When They Cry in America). Nakahara played Rena Ryugu while Hoshi played Keiichi Maebara.
    • Takuma Terashima (Shintaro) and Mamoru Miyano (Konoha) are both members of the Uta no Prince-sama boy group ST☆RISH.
    • Both Terashima and Shinnosuke Tachibana (Kano) are good friends in real life (I think. I don't exactly remember, but I think they are... w…

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  • Jakalu

    Just a little post about my observation. At first, I merely glanced at it, but  when I looked closely at the MAKE A MEKAKUCITY Special Event sign they had at the Mekakucity Actors official page, I saw something wrong: 2 of the height differences of the cast was messed up. The most noticeable one was Ayano's and Marry's. From guessing, I'd say it differs around 3 inches. That's just wrong. As most knows, they're around the same height, with Marry being 1 centimeter shorter. The other one is with Hibiya and Marry (again). Hibiya is around 4'6 (with Google Converter sorry) and in the picture, the difference is around 2 inches (guessing). That would make her 4'8...
    Just my thoughts. Sorry if this seems stupid to anyone.

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  • IRosefeather

    Hello again, my dear KagePro fans!
    Since our wiki has gone down in activity a little with the end of the anime, we thought it would be a nice idea to give you more templates to decorate your user pages with. The first template we coded for you is the template, which gives you the possibility of showing which characters you like and dislike with a neat little widget. This is how it looks like:

    How the template works can be read on the template page here!
    Soon, we will also code some achievement and user award widgets, which can be put on your user pages. Some will be only given to you by the admins, though (For example: The Senior Member award. This one will be given to those who have been putting lot of work into our wiki for a long time and …

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