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Lost Time Prologue (ロスタイムプロローグ Rosu Taimu Purorōgu) and Kaien Panzermast (カイエンパンザマスト Kaien Panzamasuto) are bonus tracks featured on the Mekakucity Days album.
Summer End Roll (サマーエンドロール Samā Endo Rōru) and Crying Prologue (クライングプロローグ Kuraingu Purorōgu) are bonus tracks featured on the Mekakucity Records album.


















If, I could return to that time …
For instance … that kind of future might have happened.
If, on that day, I had not met you
It might have been an unexpectedly boring world.
… That very ordinary day …
That day red eyes were rubbed …..
That blinding summer day …
Surely … I won’t forget it tomorrow, either.
"The usual is surprisingly not a boring thing. This ordinary day, I surely won’t forget it tomorrow, either."
The theme for the album’s first song is “ordinary hustle and monologue.”
A very common landscape. I used the image of assorted scenes.
The theme of “ordinary” also became the album’s theme.
Each character that appears in this album have their own “ordinary.”
There are cases where that changes unexpectedly.
There are cases where it’s struggled to be changed.
There are cases where it’s regretted without notice.
I would be pleased if you would enjoy this song thinking about those various situations.[1]

Maybe today,
I might be able to meet you.
Maybe today,
I might be able to return to that day.
If the second hand stops,
and I’m able to meet the you from that day,
after that kind of world ends,
let’s have an eye-opening conversation.
"After that kind of world ended, everyday was wild and fun. Yes, that would be truly eye-opening."

The theme of the album’s last song is “carrying out a plan.”
In Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, there’s a panzermast called “Yuuyake, Koyake” that plays at sunset.
I really likes this theme, so I made it the main theme for this time’s zone.

I would be pleased if you listened to this song while remembering all the various things that happened within the stories up until this point.[2]

Even if you forgot again,
I’m sure that we can meet again in the next future
Also, the world that we have unfortunately understood was cruel
But I’m sure that we can laugh off that
That’s why, please remember
As one faces forward, even though it’s only a little
Before the sun goes down,
Let’s set out to end the story of this summer.[3]

I were to go back to that time…
Maybe there was such a future like that.

If, on that day,
I hadn't had met you…
It might have been an unexpectedly boring world.

That surprisingly normal day…
That day where red eyes were rubbed…
That hazy summer day…

Certainly, I,

Tomorrow as well...[4]


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