Daze (Album)



Kanji デイズ
Rōmaji deizu
English daze/days
Song Information
Release Date 18th June 2014
Number of Discs 2
Running Time 29:54 minutes
Type Single, CD+DVD, Limited Edition, Maxi
Label スティーズラボミュージック

daze/days (デイズ deizu) is an album containing the different versions of the Mekakucity Actors opening song daze and the ending song days. The normal edition contains a CD and DVD, which holds the songs. There are two limited editions, one containing an extra drama CD named "The old days", with scripts written by Jin and the timeline tabel「CHRONOLOGICAL」, the other containing a special booklet named "My little daze" and also tabel. It includes two new PVs for both songs drawn by Shidu. [1]The novel will be focusing on Ayano while the drama CD will be focusing on Shintaro. Both will have a brand new story to the series.


Track ListEdit

# Disc 01 Length Disc 02 Length
01 daze 3:52 daze (Music video) 3:52
02 days 5:46 days (Music video) 5:46
03 daze (short ver.) 1:30 daze (Mekakucity Actors non-credit opening movie) 3:52
04 days (short ver.) 1:30 days (Mekakucity Actors non-credit ending movie) 5:46
05 daze (Instrumental) 3:52
06 days (Instrumental) 5:46

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