The story where one's eyes become clear.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Dead and Seek
Dead and Seek
Kanji デッドアンドシーク
Rōmaji Deddo ando Shīku
English Dead and Seek
Song Information
Characters Kenjirou Tateyama
Snake of Clearing Eyes
Sung by IA
YT Link Youtube Broadcast (Unofficial)
Album Mekakucity Days

Dead and Seek (デッドアンドシーク Deddo ando Shīku) is an album exclusive song, which is featured on the Mekakucity Days album.


Dead and Seek tells the story of Kenjirou Tateyama, who was possessed by the Snake of Clearing Eyes after his death in a landslide, which allowed him to enter the Heat Haze. Although the only goal Kenjirou tried to achieve was to be reunited with his wife Ayaka, he lost control over his actions, as the snake used him for its own intentions, leading him to do inhumane things.[1]

Lyrics & Translation


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