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Having had a frail body and weak health since he was young, Haruka was repeatedly hospitalized as a child. When he was 10 years old his father told him he had about 6 years left to live. Although he was intelligent and had high academics as well as a mild personality, he had a hard time attending school because of his health, and in high school he was placed in a class for handicapped students along with Takane.
In his second year of high school, he suffered a sudden stroke and lost his life, entering the Heat Haze. In the Haze, he met Azami and was offered a new body, but even if Haruka denied it he was forced to accept it and had his memories erased as a result. He was then possessed by the snake of the "Awakening Eyes" ability, acquiring the ability to remake his body into one that he finds to be his "ideal" - thus becoming Konoha. 

Unknown RouteEdit

After the Mekakushi Dan leaves the amusement park they counter a black haired Konoha, who carries a gun with him. As Kano tries to talk to him, he shoots him down and kills him, doing the same with Seto, who tries to stop him. After wiping Kido's life out with several gun shots as well, he approaches Momo and the hiding Marry, but before he is able to harm them Shintaro heads to protect them from his bullets. Spotting the desperate Ene, Konoha grabs the mobile phone from the boy and crushes it in his hands before aiming his gun on Shintaro. In a last flashback before getting shot, Shintaro remembers him as Haruka. Whatever he did to Marry and Momo is yet unclear.[1]


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