Having had a frail body and weak health since he was young, Haruka was repeatedly hospitalized as a child. When he was 10 years old his father told him he had about 6 years left to live. Although Haruka was intelligent and had high academics as well as a mild personality, he had a hard time attending school because of his health, and in high school he was placed in a class for handicapped students along with Takane.
In his second year of high school, he suffered a sudden stroke and lost his life, entering the Heat Haze Daze. In the Daze, he met Azami and was offered the rebirth of a new body in his stead - the body of Konoha, which he had designed to be his own "ideal body". However, even if Haruka wanted to decline, he was forced to accept it. As a result, Haruka remained stuck in the Daze, while one of Azami's snakes got reborn as Konoha.