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After being told that she wants to go to summer school, to prepare for the middle school entrance exams, he is half-forced into staying for a summer in the city by Hiyori, who he has unrequited feelings for.
They visit Hiyori's sister Ayaka's home, but because Hiyori falls for a boy they meet there, Konoha. He's hit by intense feelings of jealousy.
In the middle of it he gets involved in a traffic accident while shopping with Hiyori and comes into contact with the Kagerou Daze. He is possessed by the snake of the "Eye Focusing" abilities, and acquires the power to perceive objects and details that are far away from an aerial (bird’s eye) view.


Hibiya gets spotted by Ene being together with Konoha after an accident. He gets taken to a hospital together with him.[1]


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