Hiyori visited the city to take "summer courses" together with her classmate Hibiya. For this "reason", she came to stay at her sister's house, being taken care of by her brother-in-law, Kenjirou. As a result of admiring his "cool attitude" she developed a crush on Konoha, who happened to be staying there as well at the moment. On a following day, Hibiya and Hiyori toured around the city, and happened to come upon a black cat. As it is being petted, the cat suddenly ran away, causing Hiyori, who loved cats, to run after it and forcing Hibiya to come along. Upon her attempt to catch it, Hibiya repeated in attempting to stop her, as he saw something strange about the animal. The cat turned again, heading towards a street and again Hiyori followed, not watching the street ahead of her. As Hibiya realized that the pedestrian light was already red, and that there was a truck coming by, he tried to stop her, but it was already too late.[1]


Due to Konoha's promise to Hibiya and last wish to free Hiyori from the inside of the Heat Haze, the Snake of Clearing Eyes is forced to turn into a surrogate life for the young girl, allowing her to be reunited with her friends in the world of the living.[2]


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