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Kagerou Project
Kanji カゲロウデイズ
Rōmaji Kagerou Purojekuto
Series Information
Genre Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Slice Of Life, Tragedy
Writer Shizen no Teki-P
Manga Kagerou Days / Daze
Novel Kagerou Days / Daze

The Kagerou Project / Kagerou Daze (カゲロウプロジェクト/カゲロウデイズ Kagerou Purojekuto / deizu) is a series of songs by the Vocaloid song producer Shizen no Teki-P (Jin). The songs tell the story about Mekakushi Dan (メカクシ団), a group of teenagers with unusual powers, called "Eye Abilities".

Most songs are sung by Vocaloid IA, while the earlier songs were sung by Vocaloid Miku Hatsune. The project started at February 17, 2011 when the first song Artificial Enemy was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga.


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There have been fifteen songs uploaded to the Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga. While four songs are included exclusively on the Mekakucity Days album, three exclusives are included on Mekakucity Records, and the single Children Record includes one more exclusive song together with instrumentals. All songs were written by Shizen no Teki-P and all together create the story, while being connected through the manga and novel. While some songs are missing them still, most songs feature PVs drawn by Shidu and Wannyanpu, the two illustrators of Jin's team. An exception is Summertime Record, which was drawn by the artist Peco and directed by Shidu.


Main Article: Mekakucity Actors

An anime has been announced in the Children Record Booklet. The anime's broadcasting will start on the 12th of April, at midnight. It was revealed to be named "Mekakucity Actors" (メカクシティアクタース Mekakushitiakutāsu). During the 'Live in Mekakucity' performance on August 15, it was announced the anime would be animated by Shaft and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo [1].


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The manga adaptation for Kagerou Days is published monthly in the Japanese magazine Comic Gene and started to serialize on August 28, 2012. The story is illustrated by Satou Mahiro. It currently features four volumes.

Heat-Haze Days Volume 1 Volume02 3mangacover Kagerou4


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Four novels have been released, Kagerou Days -In a Daze-, and its sequels, Kagerou Days -A Headphone Actor-, Kagerou Days -The Children Reason-, カゲロウデイズ IV -the missing children-, and Kagerou Days -the deceiving-.

NovelDaze NovelHeadphoneReason04CoverDeceiving



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