When Kenjirou was younger, he was extremely lazy and led a slovenly lifestyle, but somehow got into university thanks to his parents' workings. He fell in love with Ayaka at first sight but is turned down by her because she was "not interested in such a pathetic man." It made him change his lifestyle and took his learning seriously. It paid off, and he was able to marry Ayaka and became a teacher.
They eventually had a child named Ayano and took in, or temporarily fostered, Seto, Kido and Kano. He was a good father-like figure who put his all into caring for the children. He researched the Medusa's ability with Ayaka, but was caught in a landslide in the middle of it and lost his life, coming into contact with the Heat Haze. He was possessed by the snake of the "Clearing Eyes" ability, who was the one that brought up the idea of the Daze to Azami in the first place. He became much more engrossed in research after his wife's death.


Kenjirou is first seen scolding Momo about the bad results of her recent biology test after she again had run late for school. He does understand how she only earned 2 points when he had been teaching her extra lessons due to her idol job. Worrying about her future, he tells her to retake her test in three days and that she cannot do it now, due to the Obon festival going on.[1]
In the anime's final episode, after the Snake of Clearing Eyes possessed Konoha's body, Kenjirou died because he lost his surrogate life.