Lost Time Memory
Kanji ロスタイムメモリー
Rōmaji Rosu Taimu Memorī
English Lost Time Memory
Song Information
Music and lyrics Shizen no Teki-P
Illustrations and Movie Shidu
Characters Shintaro Kisaragi
Ayano Tateyama
Tsubomi Kido
Kousuke Seto
Shuuya Kano
Marry Kozakura
Momo Kisaragi
Hibiya Amamiya
Snake of Clearing Eyes
Sung by IA
Uploaded March 29, 2013
NND Link NND Broadcast
YT Link YT Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Records

A story of repeating regret

Jin's Song Introduction

Lost Time Memory (ロスタイムメモリー Rosutaimumemorī) is the tenth song of the series.


Lost Time Memory features the Shintaro of two different story routes; One who is able to accept that Ayano has died, and one who is unable to, who is shown during scenes of Route XX.
The PV starts off with Ayano and Shintaro walking down a bridge and him telling her to leave him alone. Ayano, however, refuses to leave his side, so he calls her annoying, then walks ahead of her.
Following, Shintaro is seen in his room, the time and date being August 15, 12:33. He decides to go outside, bringing Ene along with him. Wishing to die already, he clutches his wrist, and steps in front of a door with the numbers 107 on it. The door is opened and in front of him the other members of the Mekakushi Dan appear. He greets all of them, shortly after hearing Ayano's voice, which suggests to "play" once more.
The events of Route XX begin with Ene stating she is worried. Shintaro starts to wander all about his room and finally drifts to sleep. He dreams about Ayano and him in their middle school years, until he hears Ene's voice asking if that means he cannot even see tomorrow. Promptly, he opens his eyes and turns to strangle Ene, who disappears from his grip, seemingly having died. Shintaro suffers a nervous breakdown and takes out a pair of scissors.
Another scene from Route XX begins to play, proceeding from when the Snake of Clearing Eyes takes over the body of Konoha, therefore turning into 'Black Konoha', in order to kill the Mekakushi Dan and repeat the tragedy they are part of.
Route XX Shintaro sits on his bed and stabs himself with the red scissors, while in the parallel scene, Black Konoha attempts to shoot himself with a gun. However, Shintaro takes the shot, causing himself to die differently in both scenes.
The next scene shows Route XX Shintaro and the other Shintaro lying on the ground, surrounded by a white nothingness. Route XX Shintaro sits down, with Azami looking down at him, until the other Shintaro walks past her, much to the gorgon's surprise. Route XX Shintaro and him appear to be in an empty classroom, back to back. Ayano stands in front of Route XX Shintaro and apologizes for dying, whereupon she asks if they should say their farewells to each other. Shintaro runs after her, begging her to stay, again expressing that the Shintaro of this route has not yet accepted her death. The other Shintaro walks forward and smiles at a surprised Ayano, who smiles back at him. She then wraps her scarf around her friend, whose eyes turn red, proving he has accepted Ayano and gained an eye ability.
At the end, Route XX Shintaro is seen lying down on his bed, the date and time being August 15, 12:32.

Lyrics & Translation


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