Momo Kisaragi




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Kanji 如月 桃
Rōmaji Kisaragi Momo
Hair color Orange, Black underneath[1]
Eye color Orange[1] or Black[2]
Gender Female
Species Human
Height 162 cm (5'4")[3]
Weight 43 kg (94 lbs) (from Kashiwa Talent Agency)[3]
Blood type O[3]
Age 16[3]
Birthday February 14th[3]
Occupation 5th Member of the Mekakushi Dan
Ability Drawing Eyes
Status Alive (Songs, Anime, Novel)
Deceased (Manga)
Voice Actors
Japanese Nanami Kashiyama
First Appearance
Manga 03. Kisaragi Attention
Anime 02. Kisaragi Attention
Novel Kagerou Daze -in a daze-
I, am I really THAT abnormal!?

Momo Kisaragi (如月桃 Kisaragi Momo) is the fifth member of the Mekakushi Dan and Shintaro's little sister. She was designed by Wannyanpu.


Momo has orange hair with black underneath, which is usually seen tied in a side tail with a blue hairband, and has orange eyes. Her casual outfit is a pink short sleeved hoodie with "阿吽" (aun) written over the chest and a blue shirt underneath with "大江戸" (Ooedo) writen on it. She wears light brown shorts with red sneakers.[1] In the manga, her hoodie reads "鎖国" (Sakoku). In Mekakucity Actors her eye color was changed to black.
Alternative she is seen wearing a pink and white checkered hoodie with a fitting pink skirt and black leggings underneath, wearing a red instead of a blue hairband in her hair.[4]
Momo's stage outfit is an orange dress with a yellow strip down the middle. She has black and orange detached sleeves. Around her waist there is a black belt and the left side of her dress is frills. Two chains hang out the back of her dress that formed an infinity sign, while another one hangs from her collar. She also wears long socks which cover most of her legs, where the right one is yellow, while the left one is orange. Momo's hair has braids in it.[1]


A very popular idol, but encountered quite a number of difficulties. She's a first year in high school. Ever since a childhood accident at the beach with her father, she has had the Drawing Eyes ability. Because of her power, she was often alienated from people and had no friends, but once meeting the Mekakushi Dan, she regained her original, bright character. She has a peculiar sense in taste and fashion; it's common for her opinions to disagree with people. Unlike her brother, Shintaro, Momo doesn't do well at school and is always scolded by her teacher due to it. She only scored 2 marks for a biology paper despite having attended two whole weeks of supplementary lessons.[5] Her personality is pretty much the same as her brother's, as stated by Jin.

Eye Ability

  • Drawing Eyes (目をうばう Me o Ubau): Momo's ability, known as Drawing Eyes or Snatching Eyes, can draw peoples' attention, regardless of their preferences in tastes or interests. She is also able to tell where and how to focus a person's attention.[5] She cannot control her power as well as Kido, because her power only has an "on and off" switch.[6] The maximum range and power of her ability is quite large, as she is seen attracting the attention of an entire city despite being locked indoors within a facility.[7] Later on, she demonstrates better control of her ability, able to remotely direct people's attention away from herself.[8]





  • She is a 1st year high school student. This is despite the fact that a 1st year high school student in Japan with her birthdate would be only at age 15 while entering the school year, making her given age and birthday (February 14th) conflict with the script. (In Japan, the Japanese school year begins in April and ends in March. Momo's birthday, February 14th, occurs before the school year begins, meaning she'd be on the "younger" end of her class at the start of the school year. Because of the Kagerou Daze event occuring in August, she would not have her next birthday ["16"] until the next February 14th.)[9] In the sixth novel, "Over the Dimension", she appears in what would be her correct grade regardless, appearing as a Junior High school student 2 years before the main storyline begins.[10] She also is seen as a Junior High school student in the manga during Shintaro's flashbacks, and when he references watching over her during her Junior High school days.[11]
  • Her favorite game is "Segare-ijiri" (Arrow Boy).[3]
  • She uses her eye power to catch people's attention during her performances.[1]
  • She is dreaming to be a pilot, with pig doll as her co-pilot.[12]
  • The Mekakushi Dan members, with the exception of Marry, Ene, and Shintaro, call her "Kisaragi".[12]
  • Although it is not a part of the Kagerou Project, Momo makes a small cameo in the PV for Jin's song "Your Eyes (キミノメヲ)".
  • She has a weird sense of style (like her hoodie that has 'Aun' written on it), and she also has a weird sense for food (like eating dried squid or red bean soup with soda)
  • Her first name, Momo, means "peach" in Japanese.
  • Momo has a chain in her idol attire due to Sidu not wanting to draw frills.[13]


  • "Um… Add vanilla beans as a topping for this special katsukare (curry with pork cutlet) … Ah, shirotama anmitsu (desert with sticky rice cake)! Please add this too!" - (From the Children Record Booklet)
  • "A, aun?! I'm not THAT old!!" - (Heat Haze Daze II)