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Kanji レッド
Rōmaji Reddo
English RED
Song Information
Release Date November 4, 2016
Track Number 01
Running Time 4:03
Type Single

RED (レッド) is the opening theme for Kagerou Daze -in a day's- performed by GOUACHE, a band Jin is in. The music video is a compilation video directed by Toushi Atsunori. The song was released on November 4, 2016.


Lyrics & TranslationEdit

だんだん目が回って 夕焼けが燦々空に散って行った
滲み出す雲に 言葉が出なくなるのは何故?

遠回りの近道と 廃り果てた線路
湿った手を掴んだまま 速足で進む

互い違いの畦道が 水みたいに揺らいで
蝉の音を暈したまま 立ち尽くしてた

草の匂い 俄雨の温度 混り合ったら
僕らが今日まで 知らない日々は 数えきれない
鱗雲の奥で 確かに呼んでいる

泥に塗れた 僕の手を拒む様に

だんだん目が回って 夕暮れが燦々空に散って行った
思い出す程に 言葉が出なくなるのは何故?

道連れに賛成なら笑って 疾っくに遠くに離れた
君はただ 見たこと無い色に染まった


Dandan me ga mawatte yūyake ga sansan sora ni chitte itta
nijimidasu kumo ni kotoba ga de naku naru no wa naze?

tōmawari no chikamichi to sutari hate ta senro
shimetta te o tsukan da mama hayaashi de susumu

tagaichigai no azemichi ga mizu mitai ni yurai de
semi no ne o bokashi ta mama tachitsukushite ta

natsu ga kinō o tōrikoshi te yuku
kusa no nioi niwaka me no ondo mazari attara
bokura ga kyō made shira nai hibi wa kazoekire nai
uroko kumo no oku de tashika ni yon de iru

doro ni mamire ta boku no te o kobamu yō ni
'muzukashii' tte hanikan da
kimi to boku to ja chigau kara

dandan me ga mawatte yūgure ga sansan sora ni chitte itta
omoidasu hodo ni kotoba ga de naku naru no wa naze?

michizure ni sansei nara waratte tokkuni tōku ni hanare ta
kimi wa tada mi ta koto nai iro ni somatta
hitomi de

ā, mabataki no hitotsu mo shi nai mama
otona nanka ni wa wakara nai
iro o mi te iru

Bit by bit, my gaze goes dizzy
The setting sun fell into the radiant sky
Why is it that words won't form from the dripping clouds?

Via a roundabout shortcut
in this route, waste comes to an end
With your wet hand in mine, we speed forward

The path between the rice fields blurs like water
With the cicada's cries muted, we froze

Summer's come to take the place of yesterday
When the smell of grass and the feel of rainshowers mix
There's too many unknown, bygone days to count
Within the cirrocumulus clouds, surely they're calling out-

As if to reject my mud-soaked hand,
"It's too difficult," you said shyly
You and I are different, after all

Bit by bit, my gaze goes dizzy
The setting sun fell into the radiant sky
Why is it that the more memories return, the fewer words form?

I laugh when my companions give approval
those I was parted from so long ago, so far away
You just glance with eyes dyed a color no-one's ever seen before

Ah, without a single twinkle
Seeing a color that
Grown-ups would never understand

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