• Marry Kozakura: Marry is her daughter. She tells Marry not to make eye contact or they'll be turned into stone. One day humans bully Marry and Shion turns them to stone. The stress on her body results in her death. When she was still a kid Marry always got told by her mother to not go outside too much. Shion wrote a diary for how much she loves her daughter as she feared that she would one day leave to see the world with her own eyes.

  • Azami: Shion's mother and her favorite person. Shion saw her the last time when she left to create a never ending world. She waited for her for ages, but she wouldn't come back.

  • Tsukihiko: Shion's father. When Azami left his family to create the world without end and never returned, Shion is staying with his father, who took care of her.


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