Kanji しづ
Rōmaji Shidu / Sidu
Gender Unknown (Biological Female[1])
Age 25 Years (September 04, 1993)
Status November 2010 → Present
Associations Shizen no Teki-P, Neru, Bibuko
URL Twitter, Tumblr, Pixiv

Shidu / Sidu (しづ), is an illustrator who created various PVs and provides illustrations to various producers, including Jin. They illustrated most PVs for the songs of the Kagerou Project. Sidu often provides 'dark' illustrations; thus the notable works being Abstract Nonsense and Tokyo Teddy Bear by Neru sung by Kagamine Rin. Their favorite character is Konoha, who They're heavily obsessed with.

Until March 2015, Sidu was known under the alias Shidu, but renamed themselves with an official statement to the name change on her blog, where she explained that the name change happened because she personally liked the sound of it. Due to the name change happening after the end of the Kagerou Project, they're widely known under their old alias among the community and old media, whereas newer media, such as the English versions of the manga, was published with the new name.[2]


Jin met Sidu through Twitter after searching for himself on the website: Sidu first listened to Jinzou Enemy on Daily Vocaloid Ranking. Since they thought it was a good song, they tweeted it on Twitter ("Jin's song is really cool!") and immediately got followed by Jin. The latter said it was because there were very few people (about 80 followers) who had listened to his song at that time. When he saw Sidu said they liked it, he immediately followed them. At first, all they talked about was some kind of game, while Jin did not know that Sidu was an illustrator.[3]
When drawing a PV, Sidu usually listens to the song first, to get a general image. After having Jin explain the song to them, Sidu draws the continuity and shows it to him. If Jin approves of the continuity, Sidu begins to add other details to make the full video. They normally spend two to three weeks to make a PV for the popular project.[3]
Sidu thinks the hardest Kagerou Project PV they made was Lost Time Memory. At that time, they had to ask Jin to help them with that PV. However, Jin thought that the toughest of all was Children Record. Two of Sidu's tablets broke and they burnt their hands while making the Children Record, Lost Time Memory, and Yobanashi Deceive PV.[3]
Sidu and Jin get along extremely well with each other and have never really had any kind of conflicts before. Jin also mentioned that he took a lot of Sidu's ideas into the project. Furthermore, they were the influence for Shintaro's jersey outfit, because during the process of designing the character, Sidu saw the red jersey Jin was wearing and thought that it would fit him as well. Jin thought he was being included in the series when receiving the design (「あれ?俺がいる?」 "Eh? I am in this thing too?") and was afraid people would think he was cosplaying when attending events and similar. Therefore, he said he had come to hate Shintaro a little bit at that time.
When designing characters for the series, firstly, Sidu would start to decide on their colors. Because Shintaro's color is red, his sister Momo received a color related to red - orange. Since the main colors of Kagerou Days are blue and red, Hibiya's color became blue and Hiyori's pink. Momo was first intended to have an "annoyingly attractive character" design. Konoha was first designed as a girl. However, there were too many girls in Kagerou Project at that time, so he was changed into a boy. Sidu, however, still really likes Konoha's female version.[3]


  • They own a pet dog.[4]
  • Their blood type is B.[citation needed]
  • Sidu does not give themselves a gender and keeps it a secret.
  • They have a favorite character change for every PV they make (For example, when they drew Yobanashi Deceive, Kano was their favorite character, but when they drew Lost Time Memory, Shintaro became their favorite), but Konoha remains at the top.[3]
  • They once wrote Momo's name as "Maki" and Shintaro's as "Tsuntaro".[5]
  • Sidu has admitted that their handwriting is so dirty only they themselves can understand it.[6]
  • Sidu's favorite scene of Mekakucity Actors is when Konoha rescued Hibiya and Hiyori in Episode 05.
  • During the airing of the anime Sidu took a special liking to Kano, stating that they wanted to cherish and spoil him, and for him to have an easy life with a companion of some sorts, namely a girlfriend.[6]
  • Sidu wanted to bully Konoha, and felt that it was strange that this was the case even though they loved him the most.[6]
  • Kido, Kano and Haruka's voice were exactly how Shidu imagined them to be, in particular Kido's whom they loved.[6]
  • Sidu thought the Snake's airtime was rather abrupt, and expressed wishes to draw him more, hoping that this would happen in the manga or an anthology comic.[6]
  • Sidu created the design for ONE, IA's second vocal in CeVIO.[7]