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The story where one averts their eyes.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Toumei Answer
Toumei Answer
Kanji 透明アンサー
Rōmaji Toumei Ansā
English Transparent Answer
Song Information
Music and lyrics Shizen no Teki-P
Illustrations and Movie Wannyanpu
Characters Shintaro Kisaragi
Ayano Tateyama
Sung by IA
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Days

Transparent Answer (透明アンサー Toumei Ansā) is the eighth song of the series. It's an album exclusive song, which appeared on the Mekakucity Days album.


Toumei Answer is a song where Nicovideo Broadcast is not available because the PV was originally meant to be exclusive to the album Mekakucity Days. A person who uploaded the video onto Nico Nico Douga was posing as Jin and revealed as a fake later on. To this day, the PV has been uploaded several times, though never by the original producers themselves.
The song tells the story how Shintaro became a NEET. Years before the start of the story, he was a student with straight A's when he met Ayano in school, who he did not want to get close to, but ended up doing so anyway, due to her persistence to stay by his side. Ayano never was a really good student, her tests often resulting in bad grades, thus considered herself stupid.
They eventually entered their first year in high school together. Although she always managed to cheer him up and seemed happy, one day Shintaro found Ayano crying, but did not know how to handle the situation and therefore retreats. The next day he found out she died, when people brought in flowers for her. It was revealed she committed suicide for an unknown reason. Shintaro went up to the roof of the school and found one of the paper cranes that she used to make. The paper crane was a test paper Shintaro got 100 on, as previously shown in the video, which he tore apart. Her death put him in so much shock that he wanted to escape reality and enclosed himself in a digital world, which he did by locking himself in his room and becoming a NEET, ultimately leading him to meet Ene.

Lyrics & TranslationEdit

Me magurushiku mo nai
Sonna mainichi wo
Tadayou you ni nando mo seki ni suwatte

"Saa, dou kana? Kimi wa"
Mata tamesu you ni
Suuji no nai kyoukasho ga nanika wo itta

Dekibae nara sore wa
Maa, ii hou darou
Sanketa manten no saiseishi wo moratte

Tonari no seki de wa
Tere warai nagara
Keta no hikui tensuu no kimi ga seki ni tsuita

Mado no soto, motome nai no wa
Kotae ga sugu ukande shimau kara
"Sore ja hora, tsumaranai yo" to
Kimi wa itsumo tanoshisou da

Kore ijou kietai kokoro ni furenaide
Kyou mo chikyuu nante doko ni mo mienai yo
Nari dashita ALARM ni
一人 「冷たい奴だな」と語りかけてる
Hitori "tsumetai yatsu da na" to katari kaketeru

Imasara fushigi sou ni kotae wo awasete mo
Nande ka subete wakarikitte shimau kara

"Kono mama shindatte dareka ga
kawari ni naru kara" to
Tsubuyaku koto mo baka rashii yo

Tadayou you na hibi wa kurikaesu kedo
Kimi ga yasumu nante iwakan ga atte

Maa, dou are ashita kaeru tesuto mo
Kawari wae shinai kekka nandarou na

Me magurushiku mo nai
Sonna mainichi wa
Doko ka ga mou
Kurutte shimatta kamoshirenai

Kimi no kami no iro
Kimi no egao wo
Dareka ga mou oboeteinai kamoshirenai

"Mado no naka aita seki wa
Soko kara dou utsutte imasuka" to
Kimi no koto shitta you ni
Nani hitotsu wakatte inakute

Sukoshi demo sore wo wakaitte iraretanara
Zutto tsudzuiteite kureta you na hibi wa

Nari dashita ALARM wo tomeru tabi ni
Nai mono dato kidzuka sareteru

Kyoushitsu de kietai kokoro wo kizutsukete
Nando mo kakushi toushi te waratteita
Koko kara tobiorite inakunatta kimi no egao wo

Boku wa ashita mo wasurenai yo

(Unofficial Translation)

During these fleeting days, where nothing ever happens
I sit in the same seat as always.
"Well then, what do you think?"
As if attempting again,
The textbook without numbers said something.

If you're asking about my results
Well, they're fine I guess.
On this scrap paper was a 100% perfect score.
While grinning shyly,
You sat down on the chair next to me,
You, the one with a low grade.
Outside the window, there's nothing that I wish for
Because I'll already know what will happen.
"Hey, if that's how it is, then that's really boring."
You always seemed so cheerful.

Don't touch
The heart that wants to disappear anymore than this.
Today too, it can't be found anywhere on this earth.
The alarm starts ringing says to the alone me:
"You're a cold-hearted fool."
Even if I'm told a miracle answer
It's no use because everything will somehow become obvious.
"If I died right now, someone would replace me."
Even just muttering that
is so foolish.

Although these floating days keep repeating,
Whenever you're absent, I get an uncomfortable feeling.
Well, anyway, even if my test results are returned tomorrow,
They probably won't get any better either.

Somewhere in these non-hectic days,
Something might have already gone wrong.
The color of your hair,
Your smile,
Some people might have already forgotten them.
"The window next to the vacant seat,
Will anything be reflected from it"?
Even though I tried to know you,
There wasn't even one thing I wasn't able to solve.

If I were able to get even a little bit
closer to the answer,
then these days could have continued forever.
At the moment where I stop the ringing alarm
I'm forced to notice that everything is gone.

In the classroom the heart that wants to disappear was hurt,
You kept hiding it over and over again behind a smile.
The smile of you, who flew through this window and died,
I won't ever forget it.
Not even tomorrow.


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