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    Not sure if this I can do this in a blog, but I was in the process of showering when this theory literally bombarded my brain.

    So Unamed Black Haired Character That's Possibly Killed by Kenjiro is hinted to be Konoha, right? And Konoha and Ene are both non-human beings but were humans in the past life. I mean, Enomoto Takane is Ene's past self (Actor) and the black haired character is probably Konose Haruka, Konoha's past human self.

    As far as my headcanon goes at the moment, Konose died because he knew about the Scientists and their Plans and Kenjiro wanted to shut him up. He was then turned into a cyber-being and watched Enomoto play Headphone Actor over and over again. Since I presume Konose and Enomoto were best-friends or siblings or lov…

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