Not sure if this I can do this in a blog, but I was in the process of showering when this theory literally bombarded my brain.

So Unamed Black Haired Character That's Possibly Killed by Kenjiro is hinted to be Konoha, right? And Konoha and Ene are both non-human beings but were humans in the past life. I mean, Enomoto Takane is Ene's past self (Actor) and the black haired character is probably Konose Haruka, Konoha's past human self.

As far as my headcanon goes at the moment, Konose died because he knew about the Scientists and their Plans and Kenjiro wanted to shut him up. He was then turned into a cyber-being and watched Enomoto play Headphone Actor over and over again. Since I presume Konose and Enomoto were best-friends or siblings or lovers, Konoha got fed up seeing Enomoto die over and over so he used his powers to save her as soon as she died from another loop.

"The mind splits from the body," is Konoha rescuing Enomoto's mind and bringing her into the cyber world, where she makes a new appearance for herself (blue hair, blue eyes, flater chest, etc). Although Enomoto's mind is saved, the cycle repeats itself until Enomoto can get to the hills in time. After being saved by Konoha, Ene conspired with the Scientists behind his back to save Enomoto and transferred herself to Enomoto's headphones to guide her throughout the experiment.

Enomoto completes the experiment with Ene's help, but the Scientists destroy the town anyway. Ene probably saw this coming but refused to believe it until she saw it for herself, and apologizes to Enomoto (as seen in the end of the PV). Enomoto dies anyway and Ene blames herself and falls into a state of depression. Konoha sees this and decides to do what's best for the both of them and erases her memory before shipping her off to Shintaro and "opening her eyes" so that she can never die and feel the pain Enomoto felt. He then locks his memory up in a private corner of his brain where he cannot ever acces it and escapes from the Cyber world. He is then adopted by Hiyori's sister and befriends Hibiya and Hiyori, but because of Kagerou's meddling he watches Hibiya and Hiyori die in loops for each other. He is then reminded a bit of Enomoto and the desire to save her, and now he desires to save them.

Konoha does have a very small idea/theory to whom is behind the looping days because of his memories as Konose, but since they're locked up he only refers to them as "Those Red Eyes" (it's either Azami or the Scientists).

The End.

I get a C+

P.S Azami is the Kagerou! SHOCKER

///This is so unorganized///

A. 'Loid (talk) 03:40, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

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