I just thought of this but in the Children Record there was a part where Kido changed into Kenjiro and I thought that was really weird. Which is why I have come to a theory that Kido might have been working with Kenjiro for all this time.

Next is Kano, At the beginning of Yobanashi Deceive, he said that there was a monster that spoke inside of him that told im to keep deceiving. I don't know but he might be manipulating the whole dan in mysterious ways.

Last but not the least is Seto. In the Shounen Brave PV, there was a part where Mary was crying in front of a grave then turned into her mother I think and then it turned into Seto. Since Seto couldn't control his ability when he was a kid, he accidentally read Mary's thought and found out that the whole dan will be killed and die in the very near future but Seto insisted in befriending Mary.

Which is why I want to know what all these means and I need an opinion from you guys. I know I'm still new here but I couldn't stand my curiosity hahahahaha so sorry XD

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