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  • Jakalu

    Just a little post about my observation. At first, I merely glanced at it, but  when I looked closely at the MAKE A MEKAKUCITY Special Event sign they had at the Mekakucity Actors official page, I saw something wrong: 2 of the height differences of the cast was messed up. The most noticeable one was Ayano's and Marry's. From guessing, I'd say it differs around 3 inches. That's just wrong. As most knows, they're around the same height, with Marry being 1 centimeter shorter. The other one is with Hibiya and Marry (again). Hibiya is around 4'6 (with Google Converter sorry) and in the picture, the difference is around 2 inches (guessing). That would make her 4'8...
    Just my thoughts. Sorry if this seems stupid to anyone.

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  • Jakalu


    May 31, 2014 by Jakalu

    Sad thing --> Twitter Campaign Read User Agreement section for understanding. Use Google Translate if needed. It's in or <その他> sect. d(TωT)b

    Good thing is, TABLETS. GOD THINGS, TABLETS ARE. Plus, you get this stuff! --> Tablet Items ( ^▽^) There's no international shipping. (^▽^ )

    Won't anyone cry with me? Just kidding. へ(゜∇、°)へ

    • Webpage: My First Tablet - Microsoft ✕ KagePro
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