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  • KiwiLapis

    No spoilers!

    June 28, 2014 by KiwiLapis

    It was just ruined for me by more than one person, please don't do that to others by stating in comments what happens. Information will be added and is not a must to read if people don't want to spoil themselves, but comments just can't be unseen. So please no spoilers for anything of the last episode.
    Edit: For those who have watched the episode already - we get that you are full of fan feelings right now after watching the episode, but please do not post content related to the final episode in the comment sections of the character pages (Especially not Ayano's, as that has been done repeatedly). If you really need to express your feelings about the scenarios of this episode, do it on the Episo…

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  • KiwiLapis

    Removing Badges! Warning!

    January 28, 2014 by KiwiLapis

    We are close to officially remove the options to receive badges on our wiki due to the constant ridiculous editing just to earn them and believe they would make you seem important or whatever you need them for so badly. The wiki is there to add important edits, not add spam comments, edit your userpage every day or answer blogs or create new ones just in order to receive a new badge. We will not do anything yet, but for now unnecessary will end in consequences, including potential blocking, until every user on this wiki understood that the constant deleting and editing of unnecessary edits is a pain to the admins. Badges will not make you know more about KagePro and they will not help you get popular in the fandom. They should be received …

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  • KiwiLapis


    May 26, 2013 by KiwiLapis

    Seeing as a lot of new information about KagePro has been revealed the wiki will be revamped in the next days. I'll ask every member kindly to not interrupt in my works as I update certain pages or changing layouts. Of course everyone can still add information and such, but if you see I am working on pages try to be careful with what you're editing.

    The wiki will contain major spoilers, please be aware of that! Warnings will be put on every page!

    Kiwi ♥

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  • KiwiLapis


    January 29, 2013 by KiwiLapis

    Hello everyone! I'm writing this blog to dearly apologize for the unwanted inactivity on the wiki. I had some trouble keeping up with updates on KagePro beside my personal projects, but I'll be active now again.

    Thanks for everyone who uploaded pictures or added information while I was gone ♥

    So, another thing is, there are two things that are bothering me right now going around in the fandom. First one is that everyone suddenly now shouts out how it is Kagerou Daze instead of Days. I actually don't understand that, since I see no valid reason why it should be translated differently now. Maybe I missed something while I was gone, but I've neither seen Jin changing the name, nor did the words in the project's name change and they in fact do t…

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  • KiwiLapis

    Wiki Tutorial

    December 20, 2012 by KiwiLapis

    Seeing as some people still could need help with editing some pages, and also because I was asked for it, I will start giving you little tutorials on edits now. I'll start with simple codes, but you can always ask me for other codes in the comments c=

    Ask me for other simple codes that confuse you, I'll add other tutorials another time. Hope I can help with those ♥

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