We are close to officially remove the options to receive badges on our wiki due to the constant ridiculous editing just to earn them and believe they would make you seem important or whatever you need them for so badly. The wiki is there to add important edits, not add spam comments, edit your userpage every day or answer blogs or create new ones just in order to receive a new badge. We will not do anything yet, but for now unnecessary will end in consequences, including potential blocking, until every user on this wiki understood that the constant deleting and editing of unnecessary edits is a pain to the admins. Badges will not make you know more about KagePro and they will not help you get popular in the fandom. They should be received by people who really work for them and not by people who have only eyes for getting them and lose the actual point of providing information and follow the wiki rules. I hope you all understand and will calm down with the random edits now.

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