Hello everyone! I'm writing this blog to dearly apologize for the unwanted inactivity on the wiki. I had some trouble keeping up with updates on KagePro beside my personal projects, but I'll be active now again.

Thanks for everyone who uploaded pictures or added information while I was gone ♥

So, another thing is, there are two things that are bothering me right now going around in the fandom. First one is that everyone suddenly now shouts out how it is Kagerou Daze instead of Days. I actually don't understand that, since I see no valid reason why it should be translated differently now. Maybe I missed something while I was gone, but I've neither seen Jin changing the name, nor did the words in the project's name change and they in fact do translate with Days if I'm not mistaking. (Fufu, still learning Japanese). The only thing I see is that some chinese guy translated it into Daze. Maybe someone can enlighten me on that?

Second thing is the rumor about the Anime starting in March 2013. I haven't checked Jin's tweets yet, but I'm not sure either wherever this came from, hmm....

Anyway, don't be surprised, the pages will get a little work over again in the next time ♥

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