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    Umm... these are my theories for the Kagerou Project.
    Konoha knows Hibiya and Hiyori, right? And according to his song he tries to save him. Hiyori doesn't make it out alive from current knowledge. I have two theories:
    1. Konoha Kagerou Dream Theory: Konoha watched Hiyori die and Hibiya trying to save her. He dreams of a never ending time loop and keeps trying to save them but can't since its a dream. In song song he says his "see through body won't reach them in time". When he says 'see through' it probably means he's not there, yet he keeps trying to save them.
    2. Azami Kagerou Time Loop Theory: Azami used her snakes to create a never ending day time loop since her lover was a human and human lives are short. She waits for him but soon realizes he…

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