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    HaruTaka~ fanfic

    July 17, 2014 by Rano desu

    I wrote my first fanfic o3o~ And it is a HaruTak :D~!!

    WARNING: This HaruTaka is really happy ;) ~!! (I mean it o3o~)

    Anyway, enjoy ^w^Rano desu (talk)!!!

    Takane, along with other people, was took as a hostage during some robbery. The robbers said they want a 100,000¥, but the people of the market couldn’t give that much since it was a very small market. The robbers warned that they would kill one hostage after an hour if the money didn’t arrive. 

    Takane who was sitting in the third line of hostages was shacking. ‘Why did I came? I could’ve went to any other market. Ahhh, damn it!’ She thought, annoyed. 

    Half an hour passed and the money didn’t arrive. People around Takane started to whisper “They’ll just leave us?” “Why didn’t they call the po…

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