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  • Taboo6938

    My Longwinded Theories

    August 27, 2012 by Taboo6938

    So here's my theories:

    Headphone Actor:

    The group of scientists(?) plot to destroy the never-ending world that Azami created. Not knowing how to accomplish this they plot to experiment with different things to try and destroy it. The first idea is to blow it up with bombs like in Headphone Actor. Unfortunately Enomoto got to the site where there were going to throw the bomb from too late. Somehow during this Ene tries to get her out of the city before it's blown up. When Enomoto gets to the scientists(?) they blow up the city much to her shock. Ene then apologizes as she was trying to get her past self to stop them. Konose is somehow at the same place trying to stop them as well. After Enomoto gets there the two team up to try and stop furth…

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