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    April 6, 2014 by Takane Inuyasha7

    So, next week's the premire of Mekakucity Actors. And it's not only that, but next week...

    Is my birthday.

    Yes, you heard me right: My birthday is on the day Mekakucity Actors airs! So exciting!

    Ahem! I also have to go to the Cherry Blossoom Festival at SF and tell the people that Mekakucity Actors is today (But I will only get the Saki keychain). Yes, I speak japanese as well. Take a look at my Twitter account if you don't believe me. So, I hope you wish me a happy birthday. Okay, maybe that last line was very lame-

    But, who cares?! Mekakucity Actors is next week. I hope you look forward to it. Chao! :D

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